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IBC tanks

IBC Tanks - available both recycled and new are from stock.  
We have plenty of knowledge in this field, so ring if you need more information.  Our recycled IBCs are sourced from trusted suppliers and you can buy with complete confidence.

These Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are industrial standard tanks suitable for a multitude of liquid storage uses.  Excellent stability for stacking.  They are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and the new ones are suitable for all classes of liquid foods.  IBCs can even be used as an Emergency Tank for milk. 
If needed, we can provide details of its Statement of Conformity.  Email or phone for a copy. 
Do you need IBCs now?  We can dispatch or you can call in and collect.  IBCs are from stock and we hold stocks of both new and recycled.  Please note that we source food grade recycled tanks, phone to check stocks or to discuss your needs, 01594 833308.

Recycled IBC Tanks  


You can buy with confidence as these recycled tanks
are sourced from
trusted suppliers.
640 litre/141 gal
Ht: 1m/3'3"
W:  0.80m/2'7"
L:   1.20m/3'11"
1000 litre/220 gal
Ht: 1.15m/3'9"
W:  1.02m/3'4"
L:   1.20m/3'11"
See below to compare
tank dimensions.

See below for recycled galvanised IBC Tanks.
We stock plenty
of fittings.
See below.

Also usually available
in black - 1000 litre.
Ring before 11am
for same day dispatch. All tanks
from stock.
Note for HGV Training Providers: Our 1000 litre IBCs are perfect for complying with the new rules for HGV Training Providers.  IBCs have to be 1000 litres, filled with water and loaded onto a training vehicle.

New IBC Tanks

New 640 litre
141 gallon
Ht: 1m/3'3"
W:  0.80m/2'7"
L:   1.20m/3'11"
640 litres
Excellent quality.
Fast delivery to
most postcodes.
Our IBCs are sourced
from trusted
suppliers.  Ring
before 11am for
same day dispatch.

New 1000 litre
220 gallon
Ht: 1.15m/3'9"
W:  1.02m/3'4"
L:   1.20m/3'11"
New Black
1000 litre /220 gal
Ht: 1.15m/3'9"
W:  1.02m/3'4"
L:   1.20m/3'11"

50mm outlet
shown.  Other
options available.

150mm screw top
shown.  Other
options available.

These new UN stamped Y-rated 1000 litre IBCs are suitable for liquids and chemicals in packing groups II and III.  They are high spec, able to take liquids up to a density of 1.9.
All are food grade and suitable for immediate use for drinking water, cider etc.
Next day delivery available if you order before 11am.  You can buy 1, or a full load of 52 units.
Available from stock for collection or delivery.

IBC Bunded Diesel Fuel Station 
  UN Approved:
UN 31HH1/Z/

Unladen: 290 kg
Laden: 1145 kg
Capacity 950 litre 
208 gallon
Brimful = 985 litres
216 gallons
Ht: 1.16m/3'10"
Base: 1.21m/4"
Galvanised 5mm
steel frame.
Moulded in trigger
nozzle storage.
Corrosion free
polyethene bund.
Secure lockable steel
lid, gas strut assisted.
Ring 01594 833308 to speak to a tank expert.
2 high full
3 high empty
Four lifting eyes

IBC heating options and Bunds      
IBC Heating Mat
More info/Buy now
Insulated jacket
More info/Buy now
Heated insulated jacket. 
More info/Buy now
IBC Bunds - protect
your environment
IBC bunds come with
a heavy duty grill 
Popular fittings        

Example of a metal
tap on an IBC tank
Example of an outlet
on a recycled IBC.
Replacement IBC
Valve - 60mm
Replacement lids
IBC adaptors to
MDPE water pipe

More fittings for you here 
This measures
60 mm
This measures
100 mm.
Tank linking kit - link two tanks as illustrated above.
Kit includes: 1 x IBC plastic cap and tap / 1 x metre of plastic hose
1 x IBC plastic cap and two way tap / 3 x hoselock connections
This 3 piece cap allows you to swivel the tap in any direction you require
 when connected to the outlet. £40.80 including VAT and delivery.
To learn how to measure an IBC outlet, see our YouTube video     

Dispensing Hoses, nozzles and Delivery Kits - choice of outlet We have all the fittings you need for this setup
Adaptor Specialist adaptor Adaptor example IBC adaptor to
¾" metal tap
IBC adaptor to ¾"
tap with hoselock
Metal tap Boss with Camlock   Camlocks                                  We have a wide variety of Camlock options
More fittings for you here and buy many fittings now from our Fittings Shop 
Bends IBC with T
fitting and taps
IBC with
hoselock connector

Recycled IBC Tanks  - galvanized      


Bespoke IBC Tower

Galvanized IBCs

These high specification IBCs are perfect for
many applications,
with an inner insulated jacket in between the container and the galvanized metal sheeting providing fire resistance and protection from frost.
The tank is earthed to enable the unit to be antistatic. UN number
available with classification

Galvanised IBC
1000 litre/220 gal
Ht: 1.15m/3'9"
W:  1.02m/3'4"
L:   1.20m/3'11"

60mm valve
screw top lid.
The thread on the
outlet is a 2 inch
BSP male thread.
They have had a
full  launder, so will
be dry and clean on
the inside.
Supplied on a
steel pallet.
Ring 01594 833308
Buy now

All IBCs are palletised with a galvanised steel cage.  Recycled are food grade and sourced from known suppliers.  Our reconditioned tanks are to an extremely high standard.  Our new IBCS are excellent and comply with all necessary regulations. Ring before 11am for same day dispatch or call in and collect.  Check stocks on 01594 833308. 
Select your IBC Tank from these capacities.
IBC Tank Litres / Gallons Height Width Length
Recycled  White  640 / 141 1.00m/3'3" 0.8m/2'8" 1.20m/3'11"
Reconditioned White  640 / 141 1.00m/3'3" 0.8m/2'8" 1.20m/3'11"
New White 640 / 141 1.00m/3'3" 0.8m/2'8" 1.20m/3'11"
Recycled White 1000 / 220 1.15m/3'9" 1.02m/3'4" 1.20m/3'11"
Reconditioned White 1000 / 220 1.15m/3'9" 1.02m/3'4" 1.20m/3'11"
New White -
Steel Pallet
1000 / 200 1.15m/3'9" 1.02m/3'4" 1.20m/3'11"
New White -
Black Plastic Pallet
1000 / 220 1.15m/3'9" 1.02m/3'4" 1.20m/3'11"
New Black  -
Black Plastic Pallet
1000 / 220 1.15m/3'9" 1.02m/3'4" 1.20m/3'11"
New White -
Large Lid
1000 / 220 1.15m/3'9" 1.02m/3'4" 1.20m/3'11"
Comes with:  Comes complete with a tap.
Material:  New are manufactured from quality high density polyethylene - HDPE.
Certifications: New have a manufacturer's warranty (subject to conditions)
Statement of Conformity available.
Availability: Stock items.  Ready for collection or delivery. If collecting ring to confirm stock levels especially for recycled tanks as stocks fluctuate.
Optional extras: Vast choice of taps and IBC adaptors, camlocks, connectors etc.  What every you need for your tank we will probably have it.  See our Fittings page.  or give us a call 01594 833308.
Tanks can be linked together.
Prices and more information: Give us a call on 01594 833308 and speak to an OFTEC trained adviser.  Price List available.
Note: Buy one or a lorry load.  Quantity discounts available. 
Capacities and dimensions are approximate.
Customers who like IBCs for small water tanks often like Baffled Tanks.

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IBC Tanks
Recycled and new

These are stock items.

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We can dispatch nationwide to
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Our drums and barrels have featured in films
and the theatre.  Supplied to:

Skyfall, Les Miserablés and Jack the Giant Slayer.   Plus World War Z, The Dark Knight and Atonement.  
Theatre credits include Bristol Old Vic, London West End Productions, National Theatre on the South Bank and Cirque du Soleil.