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Tank Fittings

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Some of our fittings for tanks and drums are shown here - all from stock. 

 Adaptors, valves and taps
To learn how to measure an IBC outlet, see Neil demonstrate
it on our
How measure your outlet video    
from £10.50 + VAT


with hosetail

with hosetail

with metal tap

1" adaptor+25mm ball valve + hosetail
= £28.45 +VAT 
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IBC adaptor to 1"
hosetail £27.99 including VAT and delivery.
IBC adaptor to
MDPE water pipe

IBC adaptor to
 20mm water pipe

IBC adaptor with swivel to 25mm
water pipe
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Cap with
IBC adaptor to
¾" metal tap
IBC adaptor to
¾" metal tap
IBC adaptor to ¾"
tap with hoselock
Replacement IBC
Valve - 60mm
  Tank linking kit (see
2 images on left)
This allows you to swivel the tap.  See more
information below.

Bosses, bends and spouts      
3 sizes available
Boss sizes:
1" or 1¼" or 2"
Boss prices:
£12.50 / £14.50 /
£17.50 + VAT
with bend
with bend
Boss with ¾" metal
tap. Tap = £9.50
Boss = £12.50 or £14.50
Boss with hose connector tap.
Boss: £12.50
Tap £4.50 + VAT
Buttress spout
2" thread
£9.00 + VAT
Buttress spout
3" thread
£9.00 + VAT
IBC cap to
metal tap:
£19.50 + VAT

Ball valves and camlocks


Ball valve
Ball valve:
shown with
Ball valve:
shown with
IBC Adaptor to
Camlock fitting
£32.99 including
VAT and delivery.
Complete camlock:
This can be
split down into
constituent parts
See more camlocks
Camlock options
2" boss to 2" male
and female
Boss and camlock
exploded view
2" camlock to 2" female to 2" BSP thread 2" camlock with reducers to 1"

Float valves   IBC linking kit

 All prices are plus delivery unless
you are collecting
or it states
including delivery.

Float valves:
Anti corrosion and rust proof.  Made out of
food grade material.  Valve material is ABS
thermo plastic.  Complete with back nut and rubber washer.  Suitable for aquatic products.
Length 19.6cm/8"         Ball diam.: 50mm
Flow rate: 60(P=0.6M pa)
Pressure: 0.05 - 1.0 Mpa
Water temperature: -35-+75c 
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Ring 01594 833308
before 2pm and we
can dispatch the
same day.
Delivery extra.

All fittings are
from stock
Tank linking kit - very useful where you need extra water storage.  Kit includes:
1 x IBC plastic cap and tap
1 x metre of plastic hose
1 x IBC plastic cap and two way tap
3 x hoselock connections
This 3 piece cap allows you to swivel
the tap in any direction you require when
connected to the outlet of your tank.
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Brass and plastic
float valves
Brass float
valve - 0.5"
Brass float valve
 - 0.5" with boss
Brass float
valve - 0.75"
Brass float valve
 - 0.75" with boss

IBC fittings        
Cap with
IBC adaptor to
¾" metal tap
IBC adaptor to
¾" metal tap
IBC adaptor to ¾"
tap with hoselock
IBC with hoselock connector

Replacement IBC
Valve - 60mm
IBC T fitting and taps
Replacement lids
Dispensing nozzle Ask about Delivery Kits

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IBC fittings

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You need an IBC Heated jacket?   More info/Buy now We have all the fittings you need for this setup

Vented taps, hose tails, plugs, filters etc      
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Vented tap
£6.50 + VAT.
Vented tap
with 2" drum
bung £10.50 + VAT  
Vented cap and
tap £8.50 +
VAT . 
Vented cap and
tap in 25 litre

Vented cap and
tap in small
recycled drum .
Hose gun  -
easy to connect
Hose gun:
£6.50 + VAT
Hose pipe - buy it
by the metre/yard
Baffle ball
Push button tap 
Quick release
hose connector.
Blanking plugs



Inline water pipe tap whole and split up Water filter shown expanded and intact Water pump kit    
¾" inline water pump cartridge filter for IBCs and Water Tanks - filters water supply to prevent water damage and reduce impeller wear.  Features a screw-on filter bowl, includes a spanner for filter bowl and roll of PTFE tape.    £33.90 including VAT and delivery. Quick Release
Hose Connector
Tap: £4.95 + VAT
Metal tap:
£9.50 + VAT


Float gauges      
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Float gauges:  4ft/1.2m - £15.00 + VAT 
6ft/1.83m - £19.00 + VAT
8ft/2.44m- £26.00  + VAT
Adjustable Float gauge - top quality and fully adjustable from 0-200cm £25.00+ VAT  
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day if you phone/order
before 2pm.

Add a Water Pump  
  More pumps
Inline transfer water pump
1 inch BSP plastic hosetails
230 volt - 1.3 Hp - 5.8 Amps
47 max hesd
60 lpm max flow
S elf-priming, suction up to 8m
Stainless steel impeller
25L butyl membrane tank
Gauge & adjustable pressure washer
1" female inlet
1" female outlet
Continuous duty
Stainless steel body and flange
Ceramic graphite mechanical seal.

Phone or
Buy now
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- 200 litres
per minute. For 
non-industrial use.
6 metre
emersion depth
5 metre head
20mm semi-solids
Suitable for use
with 'grey' water
500 Watts
and 230V
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We have access to many other pumps so give us a call to discuss exactly what you need.  Telephone 01594 833308.
Availability: Ring before 2pm for same day dispatch on most fittings.    

                                                                                                                                                      Capacities and dimensions are approximate.
Some of our Rainsavers options - Buy now  

Plastic Quick
Release Hose
Connector Tap
£4.95 + VAT
Metal lever tap
with a hose grip
£9.50 + VAT  

Hose Spray Gun
£6.50 + VAT 

1 inch Ball Valve.
£14.00 + VAT

Float gauges.
4ft:  £15 + VAT
6ft:  £19 + VAT
8ft:  £26 + VAT
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When you buy a rainsaver tank or water butt from us we can prepare your tank/water butt to take any of these fittings. 
Want your tap at a different height?   You can have your tap fitted anywhere on your tank.  Just let us know when you phone, email, send us a drawing or call in.  Various taps and valves available - popular ones are shown.  Want to link up 2 or more tanks?  That's no problem, we have the kit you need.  All for dispatch or call in and collect.  Check stocks on 01594 833308.

Capacities and dimensions are approximate.
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Tank and Drum Fittings
*  Adaptors
*  Float Gauges
*  Valves
*  Bosses
*  Blanking Plugs
*  IBC linking Kit
*  IBC fittings etc.

These are all stock

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Our tanks, drums and barrels have featured in films and the theatre. Supplied to:
Jason Bourne, Skyfall, Les Miserablés, Jack the Giant Slayer, World War Z, The Dark Knight and Atonement.
Theatre credits include Bristol Old Vic, London West End Productions, the National Theatre on the South Bank and Cirque du Soleil.

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