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Steel Tanks and Steel Derv Fuel Stations

These quality UK manufactured Tanks are perfect for oil storage.  With our decades of experience in supplying Tanks we will be able to help you find the right tank for your needs.  We have traditional steel tanks in stock.  The Bunded and Derv Fuel Stations are normally made-to-order.  Talk to an OFTEC* trained adviser to discuss your needs on 01594 833308.

Traditional Single Skin Steel Oil Tanks  

1350 ltr/300 gal
2500 ltr/550 gal
Complies with
current regulations.
Tank colours
may vary. 
Two slimline
Steel tanks 
See table below
for dimensions.

These Single Skin Steel Oil Tanks are manufactured in the UK to a high specification.  
All our Steel Tanks comply with current regulations and are manufactured to a high spec.
Some capacities are in stock.   We can supply tanks to your own specification up to 80,000 litres capacity.  See
table below for dimensions.  Tank colour varies - if the colour is important to you, mention it when you call.

Bunded Steel Oil Tank      
2400 litres
528 gallon
See below for
Contains complete
dispensing kit etc.
Style of tank
may vary.

With a Bunded Tank you get a double skin tank - a tank within a tank.
These tanks meet, and often exceed current regulations and you can have these manufactured to your own specifications.  Up to 60,000 litre can be made-to-order on Bunded Steel Tanks.  You can choose from colour options to suit your requirements.
Select your Single Skin or Bunded Steel Tanks from these capacities.  
Tank Litres/Gallons Height Width Length
Traditional Single Skin Steel
Oil Tank:  S1350 
1350 / 300 1.22m/4' 0.60m/2' 1.83m/6'
Traditional Single Skin Steel
Oil Tank:  S2500
2500 / 550  1.22m/4' 1.22m/4' 1.68m/5'6"
Bunded Steel
Oil Tank:  S2400B
2400 / 528 1.22m/4' 1.22m/4' 1.83m/6'

Steel Derv Fuel Station with Roll Shutter Door    
1350 litre /
299 gallon

25,000 litres
Manufactured to
to BS799 Standard
and 110% bunded
in accordance
with PPG2*
Vandal resistant
Lockable cabinet.
Pyramid roof for
water flow.
See table below
for dimensions,
capacities and
more tank
Up to 25,000 litre
Derv Fuel Stations. 
Free delivery to
most postcode areas.  
Contents Gauge.
Other pumping
options available.
240v Pump
kits with auto
shut-off nozzle
and flowmeter.
Choice of colours.
You can supply 
us with a BS or 
RAL number.
grating and
fully welded
Body is
and pressure

Our UK manufacturers have taken great care to produce an excellent tank for quality and specification.  Tanks comply
with all latest Oil Storage Regulations and Environmental Agency requirements.   See dimension in table below.
Steel Derv Fuel Stations come with:  Free delivery to many postcodes.  Lockable roll shutter door.  Low level, internal fill and vent points.  240v Pump Kits with automatic shut-off nozzle and Flowmeter.  Large security cabinet, Flowforge grating, fully welded channels, lifting lugs, pyramid roof, captive dipsticks for tank and flask.  All included as standard plus the tank and bund has an anti-corrosion coating, with bunds stiffened internally and pressure tested.
Material:  New.  Manufactured in UK from quality grade steel.
Fully welded base for air circulation and coated with an anti-corrosion fluid inside the bund and outside to prevent corrosion.
Certifications: Manufactured to BS799 Standard and complies with the latest Oil Storage Regulations and Environmental Agency requirements.   110% bunded in accordance with PPG2 Pollution Prevention Guidelines. *
Manufacturer's warranty (subject to conditions)
Availability: Made-to-order.  Up to 25,000 litre / 5,500 gallons capacity available.
Optional extras: Pumping options - 50, 70 and 90 litre per minute pumps available.  (Price includes a 50 litre per minute pump)
12 volt dc, 24 volt dc, 110 volt dc and 240 volt dc options with a choice of delivery speeds.
Choice of dispensing options.
You choice of colours - including your corporate colour, just provide your BS or RAL reference number.
Price and more information: Give us a call on 01594 833308 and speak to an OFTEC trained adviser.  Price List available.
Note: 1/ We can supply all the capacities up to 25,000 litres not just those listed below.
2/ It may pay to talk to your insurers - they may offer a discount when fuel is stored in a
      bunded waste oil tank.
3/ The make of the delivery unit may vary.  Let us know if you have a preference.
Select your Steel Derv Fuel Station from these capacities.   Here you can compare sizes.
Steel Derv
Fuel Stations:
Litres/Gallons Height Width Length
SDS1360  1300 / 299 2.35m/7'9" 1.25m/4'1" 1.6m/5'3"
SDS2700 2700 / 594 2.35m/7'9" 1,25m/4'1" 2.25m/7' 4½" 
SDS3500  3500 / 770 2.35m/7'9"  1.5m/4'11" 2.45m/8' ½" 
SDS4500 4500 / 990 2.35m/7'9" .1.5m/4'11" 2.73m/8'11½ 
SDS5400  5400 / 1188 2.35m/7'9" 1.5m/4'11" 3.1m/10'2"
SDS6700 6700 / 1474 2.35m/7'9" 1.83m/6' 3.1m/10'2"
SDS10000 10000 / 2200 2.5m/8'2" 1.98m/6'6" 4m/13'1½
*OFCERT LICENCE is an Oil Industry Technical Certification. All our domestic tanks are made by OFTEC reg. manufacturers.

Installation: All tanks must be installed in accordance with prevailing legislation and OFTEC guidelines. The total base of each tank must be fully supported - if in doubt contact OFTEC, the Environment Agency or give us a ring.  Don't forget to check the manufacturer's warranty and register your tank.  
Capacities and dimensions approximate.
For a domestic dwelling a tank above 2,500 litres on a single dwelling needs to be bunded.  OFTEC T1/131 and British Standard 5410 Part 1 1997 allows up to a maximum of 2,500 litres for a single skin tank.
The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001 came into force on 1st March 2002.  Our Bunded Tanks comply with these regulations - so you can buy with complete confidence.  The standards apply to all industrial and commercial premises such as factories and hotels, and institutions like schools and hospitals.  It covers above ground storage of oil, where over 200 litres / 44 gallons are stored.  Since September 2002 it has been a requirement that a tank with a bund must be used for all new installations.  Since September 2005 a bund must be used for all existing oil storage too.  If in doubt give us a ring on 01594 833308 and talk to an OFTEC trained adviser.

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Steel Oil Tanks -
Bunded and
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Some stocks. 
Bunded and Fuel
Stations are made
to order.

Smiths at NEC

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Our tanks, drums and barrels have featured in films and the theatre. Supplied to:
Jason Bourne, Skyfall, Les Miserablés, Jack the Giant Slayer, World War Z, The Dark Knight and Atonement.
Theatre credits include Bristol Old Vic, London West End Productions, the National Theatre on the South Bank and Cirque du Soleil.

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