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Jumbo water tanks - many from stock - 500 litres to 20,000 litres

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Potable,non-potable and tanks manufactured from WRAS approved material. For water, rainwater and grey water. 
Many items and can be dispatched same day if you ring before 11am.
Free delivery on many of the large tanks too - ring to see if you are in a free delivery zone - 01594 833308.
500 ltr/110 gal 720 ltr/158 gal 720 ltr screw top lid 1000 ltr/220 gal slimline 1000 ltr slimline lid

Corrosion resistant.
All the black tanks are UV stabilised.

See dimensions below.
Jumbo 1200 litre/264 gal
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1200 ltr lid with lock 1200 ltr lid 1200 ltr - plastic or metal tap option available  

Metal tap or plastic tap option available
Jumbo 1340 ltr/295 gal
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1340 ltr - we can cut out the downpipe link - just ask us 1340 ltr suitable for float guage Access point - large lid option available  
Jumbo 1300 ltr/300 gal 1520 ltr/330 gal
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1500 ltr - lockable lid 1500 ltr - 1" BSP outlet Give us a call on 01594 833308
Jumbo 2000 ltr/440 gal 2000 ltr lockable flip back lid Jumbo2000 ltr Spacesaver 2000 ltr Spacesaver screw top 2000 ltr Spacesaver outlet
Larger Jumbos  are ribbed
for extra strength.

You can see dimensions information in the product grid below
Jumbo 2500 ltr/550 gal - tall Jumbo 2500 ltr/550 gal -  short Jumbo 3050 ltr/671 gal with
lockable lid and lifting lugs
Jumbo 3200 ltr/700 gal Jumbo 4000 ltr/880 gal
4000 ltr Jumbo 5500 ltr/1200 gal 5500 ltr twin outlet Super Jumbo 6250 ltr/1375 gal Super Jumbo 7000 ltr/1540 gal
Super Jumbo
8500 ltr/1872 gal
Super Jumbo
10000 ltr/2202 gal
Super Jumbo
12500 ltr/2753 gal
Super Jumbo
16800 ltr/3695 gal
Super Jumbos
20000 ltr/4400 gal
Any questions?
Give us a call on 01594 833308

See all tank dimensions below
Adjustable float valve
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Float gauge
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Hose connector tap
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Metal tap
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Inline transfer water pump
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Free delivery on many of the larger tanks. 
Many tanks are stocked and these can be customised for you, just give us a ring on 01594 833308.
We have overflow and outlet options including sight guages and you can choose the tap position if you want. Pumps available too.

Tank dimensions Litres / Gallons Height of Tank Width Length
Jumbo Water Butt    500 ltrs/110 gal H: 1.44m/4'10" W: 0.7m/2'4"  
Jumbo Water Butt    720 ltrs/158 gal H: 2.15m/7' 1" W: 0.7m/2'4"  
Slimline   1000 ltrs/220 gal H: 1.2m/4' W: 0.6m/2' L: 1.7m/5'8"
Jumbo - black
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  1200 ltrs/264 gal H: 1.3m/4'3" W: 1.14m/3'9"
Jumbo - black   1200 ltrs/264 gal H: 1.3m/4'3" W: 1.14m/3'9"
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  1340 ltrs/295 gal H: 1.28m/4'2" W: 1.22m/4'
Jumbo - large lid   1340 ltrs/295 gal H: 1.28m/4'2" H: 1.22m/4'  
Jumbo   1380 ltrs/300 gal H: 1.17m/3'11" W: 1.26m/4'2"
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  1520 ltrs/330 gal H: 1.78m / 5'10" W: 1.1m/3'7"  
Jumbo   2000 ltrs/440 gal H: 1.5m/4'11" W: 1.4m/4'7"  
Jumbo Spacesaver   2000 ltrs/440 gal H: 1.75m/5'9" W: 1.26m/4'2"
Jumbo   2500 ltrs/550 gal  H: 1.3m/4'3" W: 1.65m/5'6"  
Jumbo   3050 ltrs/671 gal H: 1.81m/5'11"  W: 1.7m/5'7"
Jumbo   3200 ltrs/700 gal H: 1.65m/5'5"  W: 1.65m/5'5"
Jumbo   4500 ltrs/990 gal H: 1.86m/6'2"  W: 1.9m/6'3"  
Jumbo Twin outlet   5500 ltrs/1200 gal H: 2.2m/7'3"  W: 1.86m/6'2"  
Super Jumbo   6250 ltrs/1375 gal  H: 2.3m/7'7" W: 2.12m/6'11"  
Super Jumbo  7000 ltrs/1541 gal  H: 1.82m/6' W: 2.4m/7'11  
Super Jumbo  8500 ltrs/1872 gal H: 2.063m/6'9" W: 2.6m/8'7"
Super Jumbo 10000 ltr/2202 gal  H: 2.5m/8'3"  W: 2.4m/7'11"  
Super Jumbo 12500 ltrs/2753 gal  H: 2.6m/8'7" W: 2.6m/8'7"  
Super Jumbo 15000 ltrs/3309 gal  H: 3.35m/11' W: 2.4m/7'11"
Super Jumbo 16800 ltrs / 3695 gal H: 3.41m/11'2" W: 2.6m/8'7"
Super Jumbo 20000 ltrs/4400 gal   H: 3.6m/11'10" W: 2.85/9'4"  
Jumbo Water Tanks -  manufactured in the UK.  Want a smaller tank?   See small water tanks    Want fittings?
Comes with:
Lid and outlet. Want your tap at a different height?  Just let us know when you phone as we can customise these tanks to your requirements.
New. Most are manufactured in UK from quality high grade polyethylene - the WRAS approved material in tanks is usually made from MDPE. 
All the black tanks are UV stabilised. The larger Jumbos and Super Jumbos are ribbed for extra strength.
Sutiable for water, rainwater and grey water.
WRAS approved material on many tanks. Manufacturer's warranty (subject to conditions). Potable option available on certain capacities.
Many tanks are from stock and ready for collection or delivery to most postcodes.  Free delivery on many of the large tanks - ring to see if you are in a free delivery zone. Stock items can be dispatched same day if you ring before 11am. Our normal delivery time is 2-4 days, though if you need it quicker we can often do so. If collecting, phone to confirm stocks as numbers fluctuate. Those not in stock have a short lead time - give us a call.
Optional extras:
Choice of additional fittings/outlets available. You can choose to have a tap positioned wherever you would like or a hole cut for a down pipe or linking kit. Let us know when you order, tell us over the phone or email a drawing indicating tap location. 
Plenty of the usuals options available - float gauges, water pumps, linking kits, taps, hose spray gun etc.  For everything you need see our fittings page and online shop.
Prices and more info:
Some of our jumbo tanks are in our online shop or give us a call and speak to a tank expert or email
Some tanks available in different colours
Tanks can be linked
If you need potable that is not a problem, most are available as a potable tank.
All are suitable for water, grey water or rainwater.
Any questions? Call on 01594 833308
WRAS is a Water Regulation Advisory Scheme. Capacities and dimensions are approximate. Some tanks available in our online shop
Where to next?  See full list below, most customers go to small water tanks  next.

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